Have a safe and happy Independence Day

June 28, 2016

Celebrate the 4th in the place we call home!

During the American Revolution, Camden was the scene of two major battles between the Continental Army and the British forces.  In the August 1780 Battle of Camden, the British routed the American army leaving South Carolina under the control of the British.  A year later, in April 1781, General Nathanael Greene marched his Continental Army back into South Carolina and again faced the British in Camden at the Battle of Hobkirk's Hill.  Although the British forced the Americans to withdraw, Greene's forces were not routed.  They remained a cohesive fighting force waiting for another opportunity to attack the British.  Facing Greene's Continentals and General Thomas Sumter's militia, and with General Francis Marion's partisans and Colonel Harry Lee's Legion creating havoc in the low country, the British abandoned their garrison at Camden in May, 1781.  The British eventually retreated back to Charleston where they remained an occupying force until December, 1782.

Historic Camden, once home to the British garrison which controlled much of the interior of South Carolina, and members of the Camden Community Band, invite you to join with them in an old-fashioned Independence Day.  Patriots, Picnic, & Pops takes place at the Kershaw House garden on July 3 from 5-8pm.  Bring a picnic or purchase food on site - enjoy games and other activities - recognize those patriots who fought for our country's freedom.