Historic Camden Restoring Battlefield to 18th Century-era Roots

August 25, 2017

Historic Camden is developing a 10-year reforestation plan to restore the Longleaf Pine forest at the Camden Battlefield on Flat Rock Road north of Camden. The plan, developed by a local professional forester, is a continuation of work started by the Palmetto Conservation Foundation. The plan will consist of a multi-generational effort to bring back to life the Longleaf Pine forest that existed at the Camden Battlefield during the 1780 Battle of Camden. The return of these native conifers, which once dominated the area, is part of a larger regional movement to help provide the necessary native habitat for many threatened and endangered species. 

“We are excited by the energy and commitment that Historic Camden brings to this project and to the future of the battlefield.  Their vision for the site, as well as their ability to bring so many stakeholders together, will make sure that future generations never forget the past,” said Paul McCormack, Sandhills Regional Chief of the SC Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism.

Historic Camden is working with the land’s conservation easement holder, Katawba Valley Land Trust; foresters; biologists; Clemson Extension; the SC Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism; and other experts in the field to ensure that the reforestation is done professionally and with care.

“Our first priority is the preservation of the battleground’s archaeological remnants and history as hallowed ground, honoring those who fought and died at the Battle of Camden,” Historic Camden Executive Director Halie Brazier said. “The battlefield reforestation will allow us to broaden our scope to reach new audiences: people interested in botany, ecology, environmentalism, and forestry. We plan on having educational tours for students and interpretive signage for visitors who visit because of the fascinating natural resources at the site.”