Meet me in Camden!

Meet Branch

Hello everybody!  Boy, am I glad to see you. My name is Branch and I'm a Boykin spaniel. My breed is pretty special—it was born and bred in South Carolina. 

Learn all about me and my relatives in the video below. Then, find me and my friends scattered about Camden. 

The Story of the Boykin Spaniel

Running Time - 12:00

Find Me & My Friends

Now that you know who I am and where I come from - I need your help.  I came to Camden with all my friends and now I've lost them.  We've scattered all over downtown Camden looking for places to play.  Can you help me find my friends? Tired of looking? Check here for the answers.

See If you find all twelve of the puppies, take your picture with the puppies and post them to our Facebook page or bring them to the Revolutionary War Visitor Center at 212 Broad Street.  Everyone who finds all of the puppies will receive a Certificate of Discovery.


The sun is shining and the day is good....

1. Woof! Woof!   My name is Ever.  You can find me in a wonderful green space downtown. I’m keeping company with the Father of Camden and Camden’s Patron Saint.

Where am I?

I didn't eat the ball........

2. Look at me! I can jump! I can jump high!  I can jump all the way up to the colorful hanging lights. After I finish, I’ll show you the best places to eat, shop, stay, and play in downtown Camden.

Where am I?

I want to play in the park.....

3. Hi there!  Piper Anne here.  Meet me in the heart of downtown.  You have the very best view of the Clock Tower from this pocket park.

Where am I?

It's mine.....

4. Sorry – can’t stop to talk.  Must…. chase….tennis….balls....

Where am I?

Little brown dogs look good on white....

5. Just call me Robert.  I like to hang out at this old courthouse. It’s got a great yard, and trees, and is nice and cool under the arches.  And it's named after ME.

Where am I?

If you'll rake the leaves up into a big pile, I'll roll in them for you...

6. Hello everybody!  My name is Pumpkin and I have found a beautiful maple tree to sit under. It’s right outside a great cultural center and the front yard is AMAZING.

Where am I?

I'm a pretty boy.......

7. Hello there.  I’m Hal and you can find me at the best place ever!  It’s got a flag pole and Firepup is right around the back. I wonder if they’ll let a little brown dog ride in one of the big red trucks.

Where am I?

I found a great place to hide... lots of flowers and I can see the cars pass by.

8. Hi!  I’m Lacey.  I found a great park with a monument and a 100 year old water fountain just for dogs….. well, it was originally for horses but they don’t mind sharing.  You can find me under a beautiful blue star.

Where am I?

I have a story to tell....

9. Arf!  Arf!  Arf!  My name is Story.  There are so many places in Camden to roll on the green grass and enjoy church bells tolling.  My spot has a famous monument designed by Robert Mills to honor Baron Johann DeKalb, hero of the American Revolution.

Where am I?

I can see all the people walking by......

10. Just call me Rumor.  Here's a "rumor" for you.  I'm standing next to a cedar tree planted to honor the Marquis de Lafayette almost 200 years ago.

Where am I?

You found me!

11. Hi!  Yep, this is me again - Branch is Here!  You can hear all about me and my family tree inside. It’s nice and cool and there’s lots to see.

Where am I?

Enjoying the breeze.

11. Hi!  Me and Fudge are just sitting here enjoying the breeze. Come join us and enjoy these great cypress benches.

Where am I?

Download the clues.