Little Brown Dog

Boykin Spaniel Day

In 1985, South Carolina recognized the Boykin Spaniel as the official State Dog.  This exhibit tells his story.


In the early 1900s,  L. Whitaker Boykin and a small stray dog he named Dumpy made history. 

Boykin was an avid hunter.  Dumpy had loads of natural hunting abilities and his small size allowed him to get into and out of boats without dumping the hunters into the water.  After realizing just how special the little brown dog was, Whit Boykin began looking for the best females to breed with Dumpy.  From this foundation, grew the Boykin Spaniel.  

The earliest Boykin Spaniels were bred for small size, coloring, good temperament, and exceptional swimming and retrieving ability.  As early as the 1920s, locals could tell one of Whit Boykin's dogs from any others and by the 1930s they became locally known as the Boykin Spaniel.  Today, the Boykin is recognized by the United Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club.  They are known for their intelligence, charm, and versatility. They are your best hunting companion and your favorite lap dog.  They are South Carolina's own "little brown dog."


All images courtesy of Dawn Crites and the Boykin Spaniel Society.