The Campbell Street Corridor was the center of much of African American life and culture in Camden.  Touring sites on Campbell Street and other sites closely connected with Campbell Street Corridor will tell you a story about life for African Americans in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  As suburbs grew in the 1950s and people began to move away from the center of Camden, Campbell Street was no longer readily identified as the center of African American life.   By retelling the Campbell Street Story we hope to rekindle the memories of Campbell Street’s place in the life of the African American people of Camden.  To understand the history of Camden, we must understand the history of Campbell Street. 

The Corridor includes 14 sites located on Campbell Street and several adjacent streets.  You can listen online by clicking the image or download the entire tour for off-line listening.

Revolutionary War Redoubts - Sites 1 & 2
Cedars Cemetery - Site 3
Hadoth Lodge #250 - Site 4
Mather Academy - Site 5
Library - Site 6
Jackson Schools - Site 7
Collins Funeral Home - Site 8
Camden First United Methodist Church - Site 9
Boykin Park - Site 10
E. H. Dibble Store - Site 11
Mt. Moriah Baptist - Site 12
2nd Presbyterian - Site 13
Bonds Conway House - Site 14