Camden Hunt

The Camden Hunt is the second oldest hunt in South Carolina. The Hunt has been an important aspect of Camden's equine life since the Master of Foxhound Association recognized it in 1926. The hunt maintains a professional huntsman, kennel and between 20 to 25 couple of hounds (hounds are counted in couples of two.)

Cub hunting begins in early October, and the formal hunt season begins with the opening hunt and the blessing of the hounds on Thanksgiving Day. Hounds meet on Wednesdays and Saturdays through mid March. Ratcatcher attire is acceptable during cub hunting, and formal hunt attire is expected from the Opening Hunt forward.

For people looking to be out on the trails with their horses, and not fox hunting, there’s no better gift than the opportunity to ride on well maintained and safe trails. Camden Hunt Country is such a place. If you are not a member of the Camden Hunt but would like permission to ride this land, one can join as a ‘Friend of Hunt Country’.

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Image courtesy of Marylouise LeVeen.
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