In the Whiteley Room

The History and Archaeology of Fort Motte is a traveling exhibit from the Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum.  This exhibit looks at the siege of Fort Motte and places it within the larger context of the American Revolution in 1781.  It demonstrates the interconnectedness of all of the skirmishes and battles that took place in South Carolina in 1780-81 – especially after the defeat at the Battle of Camden.  Along with the information on Fort Motte and the siege that took place there in May 1781, we have included artifacts and information about the August 1780 Battle of Camden and the April 1781 Battle of Hobkirk’s Hill.  After the Battle of Hobkirk’s Hill, knowing that the Continental Army was still a threat to Camden and knowing that partisans were attacking all of the British outposts in South Carolina, British field commander General Francis Lord Rawdon, abandoned Camden and retreated back toward Charleston.  Although neither side knew it at the time, this was the beginning of the end of British control of South Carolina.